Work VS-KF 18" Staggered Set 18x10 18x12

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- Super Chrome Finish
- Comes with Valve Stems & Center Caps
- Forged 3-Piece Wheels

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Work VS-KF's 18x10 -12 & 18x12 -17

These are NEW never mounted wheels and will come with valve stems & centercaps. Don't miss out on this rare discontinued set of wheels! These are NOT rebarreled wheels. They are also IN STOCK and do not need to be shipped over from Japan.

Work Barrels

“Many often wonder what makes WORK Wheels so strong? WORK focuses much of its technology in rim forming. Our rim barrel is what really sets us apart. Many companies focus on the phrase “Forged”, but that only pertains to the center disk construction. The rim barrel is what takes most of the load of the vehicle; having a forged center disk with spun rim barrel really doesn’t make much difference in the strength (this applies to two and three piece construction wheels)."

Additional Information

Diameter 18
Width 10 & 12
Offset -12 & -17
Color Super Chrome
PCD 5x114.3
Wheel Material Forged Aluminum
Hub Bore No
Price $3,199.00

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